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Audio-Video Installation Services for Homes in Sydney

Blog | November 21st, 2018

Today, most homes are filled with various audio-video or AV features that range from home theatre systems to smart elements to automate the house. All of these features call for professional installation to be certain that they operate correctly 24/7. If you are constructing a house in the Sydney area of Australia, turn to Electrotel for professional audio-video installation services to guarantee that all the AV features work when the new homeowners need them to, regardless of their nature. To illustrate why we state this, we share our AV services with you in the following.

We Provide Professional AV Installation for Home Theatre Systems

No longer is just a TV and antenna enough to entertain families. They have gotten used to watching cable or satellite programming and Blu-ray discs, and listening to CDs and even vinyl recordings through stereo speakers. As a result, homebuilders need to include easy access for not only a television but also for a cable or satellite box, a Blu-ray player and stereo components, including speakers, and they all need to work in harmony with each other with just a click of the remote or remotes. If you are a home contractor, our professional team can provide the right wiring and hookups to join all these electronics together in an effective, efficient fashion. Also, our crews will hide the wiring as much as possible so that the room continues to look uncluttered and attractive. Other rooms can also be setup to receive some of the entertainment that is showing on the main TV if necessary.

Pipe Music throughout the Under-Construction Home with Our Help

We also can hook up a music system in such a way that the new homeowners can hear it through speakers that are located throughout their home. For example, they can turn it on in the family room and clean the entire house to the beat of the music no matter which room they travel to since speakers are strategically located throughout the house.

Smart up Your Under-Construction House with Our Audio-Video Installation Services

Electrotel also can install smart features to automate homes with our AV installation services. Smart home automation features can include all or part of the following:

• Motorised drapery and shades
• Lighting control
• Entire-house audio
• Touch screens and remote controls
• Home theatre and video features
• Mobile control
• Security measures
• Thermostats and sensors
• Other smart features

Schedule an on-site consultation for us to learn about all of your AV needs. At this time, we also will issue a free quote of our services to fulfil your needs. We also offer a wide assortment of other services that you may require to complete your home construction in a favourable manner, and we are happy to discuss any of with you at the same meeting.

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