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Solar Energy: A Sustainable Power Supply Alternative for Commercial Businesses

Blog | April 2nd, 2019

With cost management being crucial to the success of commercial businesses, they need to analyse their entire operation to ensure that they are utilising the most budget-friendly measures throughout it. Often in this analysis, they forget to consider how to lower the cost of their electricity. Traditional sources of this power are dependent upon fossil fuels, and their prices are skyrocketing today. In addition, they are not sustainable since we can use them up if we are not careful. If you own a commercial company, you may want to consider switching over to solar energy, as it is a sustainable power supply alternative. Your company can reap the following benefits from taking this action.

Government Help Is Available to Offset the Cost of the Installation of a Solar Power System

To help with the initial cost of installation, you can apply for assistance from the government in the way of a subsidy, grant or rebate, depending upon your specific situation. You can save thousands of dollars when you qualify.

Solar Energy Will Save Your Company Money

Even with partial use of solar power, your company can save as much as 30 percent on its present electricity costs. The savings can go up to 100 percent if you change over completely to solar energy. Also, these systems can keep working at peak efficiency for 25 years or longer. All this adds up to the fact that a solar power system will provide a high return on your initial investment.

Utilising Solar Energy Broadcasts Your Going ‘Green’ Efforts

When you utilise solar power for your electricity needs, you broadcast your company’s efforts at going ‘green.’ Many clients seek out environmentally conscious companies today to receive their service and product requirements. Also, the public image of your company will receive a boost.

The Present Solar Power Systems Require Low Maintenance

Modern systems that deliver solar energy need very little maintenance. They do require periodic cleaning and checking to ensure that all parts are in ideal condition. If you also are using battery storage for the excess solar power, though, you will need to maintain the batteries correctly.

Factors That Influence the Installation of a Solar Power System 

The location of your commercial property is a determining factor on whether you can turn to this type of sustainable power supply alternative. It needs to receive sufficient direct sun during the day to produce solar power. You can set up an array of panels on your building or other parts of your property when necessary.

Consult with Electrotel to learn if your location is suitable for a system that produces solar energy. We specialise in the installation, maintenance, and service for these systems.

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