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Infrared Thermal Imaging Installation: Why Is It Necessary for Industrial Companies?

Blog | February 26th, 2019

Infrared thermal imaging is a valuable tool to use for industrial companies. It is so thorough that it can be utilised for diagnosing various issues early enough to prevent serious problems since it can see what is invisible to the naked eye. However, this is not the only purpose that it is good for in industries, as we will discuss later. This technology is capable of capturing high-resolution, real-time, crisp images. It can be used in a wide assortment of industries ranging from construction to manufacturing. Thanks to innovations in this technology over the years, infrared thermal imaging installations are much more compact in size than in the past. We list some of the reasons your industrial company should install this technology at your facility.

Valuable Diagnostic Tool

The first reason to add infrared thermal imaging to your industrial facility is that it is a valuable diagnostic tool. This technology can detect problems deep within your machinery that are not visible to the naked eye. By doing so, it will help you detect issues before your machinery breaks down and halts production. You also can fine tune your maintenance program to keep your machinery operating at optimal efficiency with the information that you receive from this imaging.

Effective for Monitoring Certain Functions

Infrared thermal imaging also is effective at monitoring low-voltage and high-voltage applications, pumps, high-temperature equipment to detect loss of insulation and motors. This not only keeps production running smoothly, but it also prevents fires and other serious problems that can result if these elements break down.

Efficient at Detecting Thermal Variances

There are times when you may need to detect thermal variances in your assortment of processes and procedures. The data that the infrared thermal imaging collects colourises heat and therefore, is ideal for identifying these variances.

Ideal for Surveillance Applications for Security

Another use for infrared thermal imaging at your industrial property is for surveillance purposes. A security system containing this type of imaging equipment can monitor beyond visual limitations, such as bushes and other elements to discover people trying to invade your premises for illegal purposes. Also, this type of system can operate in low-light situations. All this adds up to fewer false alarms.

Provides a High Return on Your Investment

With all of the possible uses for infrared thermal imaging, you will definitely receive a high return on your initial investment. For this reason, it can increase your profitability instead of diminishing it.

To receive a high-quality, durable infrared thermal imaging installation for your industrial company, contact Electrotel. We specialise in these installations along with a wide variety of other electrical services. Our company issues personalised quotes upon request.

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