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How Important Is an Electrical Distribution Board in a Commercial Building?

Blog | May 15th, 2019

An electrical distribution board is a crucial part of an electrical installation for a commercial building. Its purpose is to distribute the power supply evenly throughout the building by way of different circuits. The incoming power has to be controlled in this manner to prevent any overloads from occurring. Professionals install the distribution board at the point where the main power feed enters the building and hook up feed lines off the various circuits to provide electricity to the numerous consumption points in the building.

Basic Configuration of an Electrical Distribution Board

The standard configuration for this type of board is one main circuit breaker to turn off the entire electrical supply with multiple mini-circuit breakers that control specific areas of the building. The main feeds the other breakers their specific voltage of electricity to send to their allotted places, machinery or appliances. Extensive cabling is necessary for all the circuits to carry out their tasks.

Other Pertinent Components in Electrical Distribution Boards

On top of the cables and circuits, the electrical distribution board requires fuse links, switches, a bus bar, residual current detector or RCD and bypass equipment. Each component has its unique purpose, but the RCD provides highly effective protection against ground fault shock and fire.

Electrical Distribution Boards Are Customisable

Each electrical distribution board is customisable to suit the needs of the commercial property owner. After all, every commercial building has differing electrical load requirements to conduct their daily operations. Often, there also are local regulations as to how these boards are configured.

An Electrical Distribution Board Delivers Electricity in the Right Voltage to Each Area of the Building Safely

The importance of ensuring that your electrical distribution board is configured and installed correctly should not be underestimated. Its prime role is to distribute your electricity in the right portions to each area of the building that requires it in a safe, efficient manner. Without this board, you will have constant shorts and overloads, which can lead to electrically caused fires or complete blackouts in severe cases. For optimal performance with this board, you need to hire a professional company that delivers quality electrical work on a regular basis.

For further information about an electrical distribution board along with its importance for commercial buildings, consult with Electrotel. Our company has extensive experience with electrical installations and services for commercial, residential and industrial buildings. Also, we offer renewable energy setups for those who are changing over from traditional energy sources to more eco-friendly ones either partially or fully.

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