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Electricity Metering and CT Metering Installation Services in NSW

Blog | January 15th, 2019

All structures throughout Australia that rely upon electricity use metering in one way or another to measure how much electricity they use during the year. Nowhere is this metering more important than with industrial buildings since they normally require electricity in greater amounts than any other types of structures. Industry facilities operate numerous kinds of machinery and equipment daily. As a result, these structures need reliable electricity metering and at times, CT metering installation services here in NSW.

What Is Electricity Metering?

Electricity metering measures the amount of electricity an industrial building consumes each day. The measurements are used for billing and other purposes. There are different types of meters to accomplish this task and they vary a bit in how they meter the electricity. Below, you will discover a brief explanation for each type of meter:

  • Accumulation meters work by measuring the total amount of electricity used. They cannot give the time of day or night that the electricity is used, though, which is why they also are referred to as flat-rate or single-rate meters.
  • Interval meters measure electricity in 30-minute intervals throughout the day and night. This allows electric companies to charge different rates for peak hours.
  • Smart or digital meters are similar to interval meters except that they can be read remotely.
  • Solar meters are specifically designed to work with solar energy systems.

What Is a CT Meter?

A CT meter is used for measuring electricity when the load on connections is more than 100 Amps. Traditional meters such as the ones we mentioned above are not practical for this large of a load since their size would have to be too large for normal installation procedures. The way the CT meters operate is by measuring only a small amount of the current passing through a connection and then, a multiplier is added to calculate the rest of the load.

The Importance of Expert Guidance and Installation for Electricity and CT Meters

To ensure that you receive the right meter for your specific location, you should receive expert guidance. Also, they need to be installed by professionals to guarantee that they operate correctly. You should deal with only a reputable company that specialises in installing electricity and CT meters.

For further details about electricity metering and CT metering installation services in NSW, consult with Electrotel. Our company specialises in a wide range of electrical services, including installing meters. We serve industrial, residential, commercial and renewable-energy clients with equal proficiency. You will receive in-depth planning and skillful workmanship along with top-quality materials and parts with each job that we perform for you.

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