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The Importance of Energy-Saving Control Systems for Lights and Air Conditioning Systems in Commercial Buildings

Blog | April 17th, 2019

While manually controlling certain elements of your commercial building may still be more cost-effective than automating them, your lighting and HVAC or air conditioning systems are not among them. In fact, you can wind up spending much more to run both of these features when you do not add energy-saving control systems to manage their operation efficiently.

What Are Energy-Saving Control Systems?

Control systems that save you energy on operating your lighting and HVAC or air conditioning systems collect real-data from these systems as they perform their functions. Sensors are at strategic points of these systems in order to learn all necessary data. This data is then further analysed by your computer to help you deliver lights, heating and cooling in the most cost-effective fashion.

How These Systems Save Your Company Money?

The way these systems can save your company’s money is by adjusting the temperatures to a preset number and maintaining it there. Also, only a limited number of people will be able to adjust the temperatures up or down to prevent over-cooling or over-heating according to available power budget. With lighting, these control systems turn the lights on when they are needed and off when the areas are not in use. Again, this is performed through the use of preset adjustments.

Energy-Saving Control Systems Help You Conserve on Power at All Times

Since you can analyse the data from these control systems, you can conserve on your use of electricity on a continual basis instead of just periodically. Over the year, you can realise a huge reduction on your power bills ranging from 15 to 30+ percent. For this reason, these systems provide a substantial return on your investment.

Turn to a Professional Company to Receive the Right Control System for Your Establishment

Due to the fact that all commercial buildings vary in their lighting and HVAC or air conditioning needs, you need to rely on a professional company for guidance and installation for the best control system for your building. It is not something that you can just buy off the shelf and plug and play.

Operate your lighting and HVAC or air conditioning system in the smartest way possible with the help of energy-saving control systems. To learn additional facts about these systems, contact Electrotel. We are experts in all things electric for residential, commercial and industrial facilities. Our company will meet with you and provide you a quote of our services upon request. Feel free to read more about us here on our website.

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