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Commercial and Industrial Switchboard Upgrade Installation: What Makes It a Necessity?

Blog | January 30th, 2019

Commercial and industrial switchboards are vital to many businesses. Without them, there is no way that the companies can perform all of their daily operations efficiently. Regardless of how high quality the switchboards are, though, there comes a time when they require an upgrade installation for the switchboard or switchboards to handle the load effectively. In the following facts, we explain what makes this so important and how to tell that it is time.

A Malfunctioning Switchboard Can Halt Daily Operations and Decrease Your Profits

When your switchboard is malfunctioning or cannot handle your present electrical needs, you should act immediately to remedy the situation. If you fail to do so, it may cause a complete halt in your daily business operations, which can decrease your profits.

Signs That It Is Time to Upgrade Your Switchboard

Typically, there will be the following warning signs that something is going wrong with your switchboard, and that it is time for an upgrade:

• Equipment will short circuit when your switchboard cannot handle your electrical load requirements. Today, a problem like this can trip or turn off the circuit breaker that is responsible for your equipment. By upgrading your switchboard to meet your present demands, though, you can prevent this issue from occurring.

• Lights will flicker on and off randomly. While this can be a problem with your light bulbs or fixtures, it is a major symptom of a malfunctioning switchboard.

• Another sign that you need to upgrade your switchboard is if it is handling too many elements of its setup. This can overcrowd the wiring, which then, can lead to other issues. Actually, this is a sign of poor workmanship by the electrical contractor who originally installed this switchboard. To prevent this type of issue, hire only a quality electrical contracting company.

• One last circumstance that calls for a switchboard upgrade is if your building is still operating with fuse boxes instead of circuit breakers. Even though this is a rare occurrence today, older buildings still exist that operate in this manner.

• Any other issues with your electrical systems could point to switchboard malfunctions.

Turn to Electrotel for further information about what makes commercial and industrial switchboard upgrade installation important. We specialise in both services along with a wide assortment of other electrical related services. You even can view some of our projects on our site to learn about their quality. Since we have been in business since 2007, we bring to you years of experience with each job that we perform for you.

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