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Emergency Exit Sign and Light Inspection: A Vital Part of Electrical Maintenance Services

Blog | February 14th, 2019

When you own a commercial, industrial or other public building, emergency exit signs and lights need to be strategically located in your building at the appropriate places to ensure that everyone can find the exit in a fire or other type of emergency. Also, you should keep them in optimum working condition day after day. For this reason, an emergency exit sign and light inspection should be an important part of your regular electrical maintenance services periodically throughout the year.

Reasons Why Your Emergency Exit Signs and Light Inspections Are Vital for Your Electrical Maintenance

1. Compliance with Local Safety Codes and Regulations 

Emergency exit sign and light inspection help you comply with local regulations and codes. Not only with this ensure that the signs with lights are placed in the proper locations, but it will also guarantee that they contain the right information. For example, Work Safe Australia and Standards Australia mandate that all commercial buildings replace the signs that contain the word ‘EXIT’ with ones that contain pictograms. There are different versions of the signs available, so consult the local authorities or electrical inspection experts on which ones suit your situation.

2. An Inspection Catches Issues That Diminish the Effectiveness Emergency Exit Signs and Lights

A routine inspection of your emergency exit signs and lights will uncover issues in time to prevent a tragedy. These issues may be such things as burned-out light bulbs, damaged signs or the wrong placement of the signs.

3. Keeping Your Emergency Exit Lights and Signs in the Right Condition Reduces the Risk of Injury during Evacuation 

Another reason to hire periodic inspections on your emergency exit signs and lights is to reduce the risk of people injuring themselves during an evacuation. If the lights on the signs are dim or the signs are in disrepair, people will have difficulty exiting your building in a timely manner. In a fire, they could become overwhelmed by the smoke and pass out rather than exiting the building to safety for just one example.

4. Inspections on a Regular Basis Ensure That These Signs and Lights Operate When You Need Them the Most

On top of the above reasons, you should hire the inspections on your emergency lights and signs as part of your electrical maintenance services to guarantee that they are ready to operate in an optimal way when you need them the most. When you catch all issues early enough with these vital safety elements, they will never fail you in fires or other emergencies.

For further details about why an emergency exit sign and light inspection is a vital part of electrical maintenance services, consult with Electrotel. We specialise in preventative maintenance and other services pertaining to a wide assortment of electrical applications for residential, industrial and commercial structures.

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