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The Advantages of a DALI Lighting Control System in Commercial Buildings

Blog | June 3rd, 2019

Lighting control systems provide a variety of connections that help you adjust the lighting in your commercial building in a convenient manner. With today’s complex lighting setups for businesses, installing one of these systems is a must for effective management of your lights throughout your structure. DALI is a prime example of a quality control system for lighting that you should consider to fulfil your needs if you are in search of one for your commercial structure. To learn why we state this fact, read the following advantages of this brand’s system in the following.

1. DALI stands for Digital Addressable Lighting Interface. It sets a high standard for digital lighting control globally since it is specially designed for architectural and commercial lighting. In addition, DALI is interchangeable with different brands of equipment. With a single interface, you can electronically control all of your light sources throughout your commercial building.

2. DALI lighting control system is easy to install, which means less downtime for your business. Also, this fact decreases the cost of installation since fewer labour hours and workmen’s wages are necessary to complete the installation along with the fact that it needs only simple wiring. On top of this, maintenance for this system is affordable.

3. The DALI system is versatile due to the fact that it is customisable to suit your specific needs. There is no one setup for all situations and buildings. It also will work in an optimal fashion when you need to adjust or control your light sources. Freely addressable operation for use with scalable lighting situations from floor to floor and room to room. Also, software configuration or reconfiguration is possible without rewiring or hard-wiring. Compatible with building management systems as well.

4. As a totally digital system, DALI provides distributed intelligence with no external switch relay. It can store up to 16 lighting scenarios on a single DALI operating device. With the help of automated functions, you can have such options as sensor-controlled switching and dimming along with other ones. You also will receive individual status reports to further help you manage your lighting requirements.

For further information about the advantages of a DALI lighting control system in commercial buildings, consult with Electrotel. We provide this system and the installation of it for all types of commercial settings along with a wide variety of other electrical services. Our company even offers solar energy if you are thinking about adding it to your building. In addition to commercial sites, we also serve residential and industrial ones.

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